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Current Events Weekly (CEW) is published online at our web site. We do not publish and distribute print copies. New issues are automatically published each Wednesday on our web site in accordance with our publication schedule.

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If you can't view an issue or other PDF document, the most likely cause is how your browser is handling the Adobe Acrobat file.

First, verify that the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in is installed. Our issues are published in the Acrobat (PDF) format and require this plug-in. It is available for free from Adobe at their web site. Follow this link to the Adobe download area.

Then, check the Adobe web site for detailed help. Adobe has published a help article to assist in troubleshooting the problem of not being able to view PDF files in your browser. To view the article, follow this link.

The secret to printing out an Acrobat document is NOT to use the print button on your browser, but to use the Acrobat print button.

Adobe printer

Acrobat files appear in your browser window inside their own frame. There are a set of tools just above the Acrobat document at the top of this frame. This is where you should be printing the document from. You'll see an icon that looks like a printer near the top left corner of the Acrobat toolbar. This is what you should click with your mouse to print the document.

If you've downloaded the latest version of Acrobat Reader to your computer, and you're still having trouble getting everything to work correctly, we would recommend that you visit the Adobe web site. The Acrobat Reader support pages on the Adobe web site offer helpful advice for downloading the plug-in, getting your printer to work correctly, configuring your browser to work with Acrobat Reader, and other problems. To go directly to the Acrobat Reader Support page, just follow this link: Visit Acrobat Reader Support.

You can save a Print Edition issue of CE Weekly to your hard drive by using the built-in File Save feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Online Edition cannot be saved offline.

PDF image

Acrobat files appear in your browser window inside their own frame. There are a set of tools just above the Acrobat document at the top of this frame. You will find an icon that looks like a diskette at the top left corner of the Acrobat toolbar. Click on this icon with your mouse to open up the File Save feature.

For additional information, you can check the Acrobat Reader Support area on the Adobe Acrobat web site.