What People Say About Current Events Weekly

photo"I am retiring this year after 34 years. As soon as I know who is teaching American Government I will tell them about Current Events Weekly. Thanks for making my life easier all these years. I will tell you that in our valedictorian's speech this year, he said 'My best memory from high school will be playing Current Events Weekly. The competition was great!' "
Pete Kincaid, Marietta High School, Marietta, OH

"Your issues have been a hit with my classes, student teachers and school the past four years. I find them to have real educational value. Thank you for a fine product."
Scott Willman, School, Spalding Catholic High School, Granville, IA

"The online format is awesome."
Michael Roberts, West Liberty-Salem High School, West Liberty, OH

"Thank you for continuing to provide Current Events Weekly. The new web-based format has been great and could not be easier or more convenient. I'm looking forward to the expanded number of issues next year since we start school here in Texas in mid to late August. No more waiting until after Labor Day for the first issue."
Dr. Wes Watters, Colleyville Heritage High School, Colleyville, TX

"...the most interesting way to teach current events I have ever seen.  The students look forward to Current Events Day with a great deal of enthusiasm."
Mrs. D. Newsom, Vernon High School, Vernon, FL.

"Your Current Events Weekly stimulated more interest in current events for my students than anything I have found in my 10 years of teaching"
Adin Leach, Independence High School, Independence, KS

"Many thanks to your weekly publication. We have never seen such interest and activity on the part of the students.  The number of classes participating has increased each week and competition has become quite keen.  I assure you that Friday has been a very anticipated day for the students and teachers."
I.J. Shook, East High School, Phoenix, AZ

"I just subscribed to Current Events Weekly this past fall for the first time, and would like to take this opportunity to tell you that it is the best and most stimulating current events material I've ever seen in 10 years of teaching social studies.  I use it on Fridays in all of my classes, and invariably the students are always talking and asking about it early in the week - so they are really enthused with it!!  I know it has developed a much greater awareness of the news in my students - much better than I could ever do before."
J. Carlson, Cambridge High School, Cambridge, MN

"The game really turns kids on to current events.   They are wild over it!"
C.J. Reid, Parker-Gray Middle School, Alexandria, VA